Yesterday, Today

Our history began in 1996 with the lawyer Michele Maitilasso. We grew at the side of entrepreneurs. We accompanied and followed them in Italy and throughout the world. We were at their side when they started to operate. We celebrated when their businesses grew and we fought in times of crisis. We have negotiated thousands of contract clauses and contracts in line with their objectives. We were with them at the time of the Italease bonds and over-the-counter derivatives of Banca Popolare di Vicenza, during times of easy credit and of debt workouts, but also when corporate social responsibility became part of their business models. We shared their values, their codes of ethics and their organisation, management and control models. We know our clients like the backs of our hands, we speak their language and call them by name.

We have travelled through the local and global market, the Lehman Brothers and the Popolari Venete bank defaults, the digital revolution and the recent economic history of north-east Italy. We rejoiced when we were the first to obtain a payment order for the redemption of a defaulted bond, but also when we were mentioned in the national daily and weekly papers.

When we travelled to China for the first time, international flights were still landing at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. We have worked on more than three thousand cases with over eight hundred clients in twenty-one countries, scattered over four continents. These are our numbers. Our history is made up of commitment and passion that has deep roots in our work.

Michele Maitilasso (1921 – 2009)
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