The Firm

We assist the client throughout the business life cycle, we are at the side of businesses and ideas

The firm was created as a spin off from one of the most important law firms in the province of Vicenza, mainly with a corporate and business vocation. We grew up in Vicenza, where we still have our head office, but soon expanded the frontiers of our work.

With a team of lawyers assisted by highly qualified partners, we devote our time to businesses and to their growing legal needs in conventional areas as well as those that are more complex and in continuous evolution. We regularly assist Italian and international companies and groups, large corporations and SMEs, their managers, company representatives and investors.

We operate both with expertise and creativity, as we never cease to look beyond and to follow new paths. We pay attention to detail and work with care and precision to offer our clients personalised solutions.

Versatile, agile and flexible, for twenty-five years this has been our way of being at the side of Italian and foreign companies and businesses. Instead, looking beyond is our way of doing. It is what we offer our clients every day.

When entrepreneurs invest, develop an idea, produce, buy and sell, they “think, believe, dream and dare”. We provide the expertise and passion of a law practice organised around the needs and requirements of the client in an increasingly complex and continuously evolving legislative and regulatory framework, but also to make the best use of business opportunities.

Looking beyond is the road we travel each day, the road along which law meets business, which, wherever we go, for us means commitment and passion, experience and global vision.

Our history


Founded in 1996, the firm has grown at the side of entrepreneurs. We have accompanied and followed them in Italy and throughout the world. We were at their side when they started their businesses. We celebrated when their companies grew and fought in times of crisis. We have travelled through the local and global markets, experienced the digital revolution and the recent economic history of north-east Italy. Our history is made up of commitment and passion that is deeply rooted in our work.

Values first

Expertise is only one of the key elements of our way of interpreting the legal profession. In fact, behind our work are the values we identify with and which guarantee consistency to the service we offer our clients, creating a favourable environment for the continuous exchange of ideas and knowledge. Values are the expression of our way of being and of our professional identity. Respect, transparency, creativity, merit and responsibility are our founding values.

We strongly believe in merit and pursue it every day in our work. It is with this spirit that we have become a member of “Il Forum della Meritocrazia” (the Meritocracy Forum), a non-profit association whose ambition is to make Italy a meritocratic community in which the values of merit, meant as equal opportunities and recognition of individual merits, are fully supported and practiced.


We have chosen sustainability. Ours is a precise choice made at the side of our clients, the companies that have adopted business sustainability policies, all those companies that we assist and that have adopted an organisational model and a code of ethics as requirements of their business social responsibility policy. We have chosen sustainability because, with our values and our conduct, we wish to be part of a more sustainable future and of the change that is required to build it. In our firm we follow the rules for energy saving in the office laid down by the Veneto Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection and we have joined the Plastic Free campaign launched by the Ministry for the Environment. To celebrate twenty-five years of activity, we concretized our choice by planting, through the Treedom platform, twenty-five trees, one for each year of operation, because a more sustainable future is also built with small everyday gestures.

Pro Bono

The term pro bono derives from the Latin expression pro bono publico, i.e., activity undertaken in the public interest. Pro bono indicates the activity provided by a lawyer, voluntarily and free of charge, for the common good. As lawyers and law firm we believe in the need to dedicate part of our work to others and to non-profit organisations in our territory. With the aim of consolidating our social commitment, we have become a member of “Pro Bono Italia”, the first Italian association of lawyers, legal firms and law associations for the promotion of a pro bono culture in Italy.

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