What We Do

Our activity is mainly directed at Italian and foreign businesses and companies

Our activity is divided between the practice and the company, we know our subject but also our clients’ business areas. We are convinced of the fact that “We are what we repeatedly do” and that “excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle).

We learned from the start not to look at what we do but at how we do it, because in the end we are what we do, and we always do everything that is required to achieve the clients’ goals, with a practical approach and focusing on efficiency.

Everything is in movement and each day the entrepreneur has to deal with complex problems, which require a specialised vision and a multidisciplinary approach. This is why it is important to work as a team, and in Schiavo we are a team. The range of our activities allows our clients to rely on us both for ordinary business needs as well as for extraordinary and more complex requirements.

We provide legal assistance with the knowledge that for top management it is essential to exclude or minimise all possible risk. Expertise gained in the many areas of business law, combined with the ability to listen, allows us to provide efficient and prompt answers to clients’ needs.

We operate in civil, corporate and business criminal litigation, where our vision of the legal activities helps us to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in the choice between ordinary litigation and alternative crisis solving methods, but also allows us to assess any risk of a negative outcome in advance, to allow our clients to manage disputes in an informed manner and always with a clear picture of the risks, costs and times.

We have developed a deep understanding of our clients’ aims and strategic objectives. We know the economic areas in which they operate and the dynamics of their reference markets in each stage of the production and distribution chain.



Relex, Your legal Counsel


Legal counsel is a key element for the positioning and strategic development of enterprises. We have designed and developed Relex, a legal assistance service for small and medium sized industries and for all companies that do not have an internal legal department. Relex means “relax, let us take care of your legal matters” and derives from the idea of putting clients in a position to focus on their business activities and objectives, knowing that they can rely on our expertise and experience for all legal matters.

Law in leather​


Law in leather indicates our know how in one of Italy’s sectors of excellence, the leather and hide industry. Through geographical proximity and tradition, our specialisation in this industry, of particular importance in Italian tradition and in our history, sets us apart. The Italian tanning industry is considered a sector of excellence at global level with an annual turnover of around 4.9 billion Euros, just under 58% of which is produced in the Arzignano district.

Talking about ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues are gaining ever greater importance in the Italian corporate landscape. Until a few years ago, business was looked at only in terms of profitability, whereas today the aspects linked to the impact of business activity are increasingly central. Corporate sustainability in compliance with ESG factors is, therefore, not just an ethical choice, but a great opportunity to be seized for business growth.

International coverage

In-house or in partnership with local legal firms, we have operated and been at the side of our Italian clients in twenty-one countries. We have assisted and represented foreign companies and groups with headquarters in twenty-four states in Italy. Best friend agreements with numerous foreign law firms allow us to follow international operations and to offer our clients qualified assistance for cross-border operations that involve different jurisdictions.

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