It comes naturally to us

We are a law firm specialised in business legal assistance, passionate about the law and close to those who do business. We believe in the importance of listening to clients, to provide answers to their questions and enable them to make informed and aware decisions. We are and wish to be the law firm of reference for our clients, the practice they know they can consult on a daily basis. We share the entrepreneur’s mindset and objectives. We aim to build a qualified relationship with the client through cooperation, mutual knowledge and trust.

Our identity

+ - Informal with rigour

We work mainly in contact with those who invest and do business. We provide businesses with legal assistance and strategic support. Over the years we have specialised in consultancy and assistance in all areas of business law, in traditional areas, as well as in more complex and continuously evolving areas. We speak the language of our clients, focusing on efficiency with our professional background, gained in over twenty-five years of activity, and with an informal approach, although with the rigour that this subject demands.

+ - Always moving

Clients always have new projects and problems, their business boundaries have expanded. We work to gain in-depth knowledge of their needs and follow them in the growth and development of their business. A constantly changing global world generates complex problems to be tackled with a specialised vision and with a multidisciplinary approach.

+ - Reference point

We have consolidated experience as law firm of reference for numerous groups and companies. We are at the side of our clients, with whom we share mindset and objectives. We tackle the tasks entrusted to us with passion and rigour. We pay attention to detail and make the best use of technology, to allow the client to remain constantly up to date on the status of the cases entrusted to us.

+ - Beyond the border

Since we started to operate, the business borders of our clients have expanded. Today their market is the world and we have followed them there. Consequently, the borders of our firm have also expanded, with partnerships with leading foreign law firms and business internationalisation professionals. Our clients have a global approach that requires an international vision of legal work.

+ - Value-oriented

Over the years, in line with the business sustainability and responsibility policies adopted by our clients, we have also become greener and more inclusive, as today not only do clients demand expertise and specialisation but also a policy in line with their ethical principles. Fairness, transparency, creativity, merit and responsibility are our founding values.

Practice areas



Corporate and business

Our areas of activity serving those who invest and do business


Business crisis

Corporate crisis and insolvency law



Litigation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolutions


Banks and insurance companies

Our activity in banking and insurance matters


Criminal law

Corporate criminal law, economic and financial criminal law


Private practices

Personal and family law, wealth protection

History & Passion

What we are today stems from the same passion we had when we started our activity, from the idea of a firm built around the needs of those who invest and do business. Over twenty-five years of commitment and passion at the side of corporations and ideas.

Areas & presences


+ - At the side of businesses

Our clients are large industrial groups and SMEs operating in various economic areas, each of which is characterised by specific needs that require in-depth knowledge in order to provide qualified legal assistance. We have developed a deep understanding of our clients’ aims and strategic objectives. Our services are based on our knowledge of our clients’ areas of reference in every stage of the production and distribution chain.

+ - Law in leather

Law in leather indicates our know how in one of Italy’s sectors of excellence, the leather and hide industry. Through geographical proximity and tradition, our specialisation in this industry, of particular importance in Italian tradition and in our history, sets us apart. The Italian tanning industry is considered a sector of excellence at global level with an annual turnover of around 4.9 billion Euros, just under 58% of which is produced in the Arzignano district.

+ - Start up Lab

Every business idea contains the added value of novelty. However, a start-up needs many instruments, from protection of the idea to the launching and operational development of the company. Whether a normal start-up or an innovative start-up, we are at the client’s side from launching through to protection of the idea, as well as during financing and start of operations.


+ - Responsibly 231

We work constantly to help our clients to understand the advantages of a valid Organisational, Management and Control Model, as the Administrative Liability system introduced into our legal system in 2001, in the SME system runs the risk of remaining eternally unfinished. By adopting a valid Organisational, Management and Control Model it is instead possible to prevent the company from incurring administrative penalties when an offence is committed as well as monitor the efficiency of individual company processes.

+ - International coverage

Our international vocation is deep-rooted. When we entered into our first cooperation agreements with a leading law firm in Dubai, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel was still being built. Best friend agreements with numerous foreign law firms allow us to offer our clients qualified assistance for cross-border operations.

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