Litigation, Arbitration

We work to prevent litigation, but this does not always depend only on us or our clients. In fact, in business life, litigation nonetheless represents an exceptional event that can affect, at times even dramatically, ordinary business management.

This leads to the importance of having a clear picture of risks, costs and times, but also of having someone at your side who knows how to guide you in the strategic choices linked to the litigation to identify the most suitable solution to protect the interests of the business.

Our firm assists and represents its clients before the general and specialised courts, and in formal and informal arbitration procedures, as well as those before domestic and international arbitration chambers.

We assist both Italian and foreign companies and groups, but also small and medium sized businesses and natural persons, such as directors and auditors involved in company litigation or private clients in all matters linked to family law, successions and compensation for damages.

We actively promote the use of alternative forms of dispute settlement, defining time by time the method most suitable for each single case.

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