Talking about ESG

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) are the three essential pillars of sustainability within the enterprise and express the three factors for verifying, measuring and supporting the commitment of an enterprise in terms of sustainability.

Environment: these are the environmental factors used to assess a company’s conduct in relation to the environment in which it is located and to the environment in general.

Social: these are the factors relating to social impact through which the impact and the relationship with the territory, with people, employees, suppliers, customers and, in general, with the communities with which it operates or with which it has a relationship are examined.

Governance: these are the factors relating to company management inspired by good practices and ethical principles, such as the legal rationale concerning remuneration, respect for shareholders’ rights, transparency of corporate decisions and choices, respect for minorities.

We are able to meet the many and increasing needs linked to the subject of sustainability and to the management of ESG factors. We offer assistance and consultancy for legal aspects on corporate governance, sustainability, environment, energy transition and corporate compliance.

In support of the ESG policies of enterprises operating in Italy, we provide legal assistance in understanding the legislative framework of reference and its continuous evolutions.

With our integrated and cross-cutting services, we offer support to clients dealing with the transition to ESG or with maintaining the objectives reached and are today able to assist them with regard to the different profiles and factors supporting their ESG policies.

Starting from the profiles specifically concerning corporate governance, we also provide assistance on the subject of respect for non-financial reporting obligations.

Furthermore, we provide assistance relating to a correct allocation of responsibilities, from management of the supply chain to the duties and responsibilities of company directors.

In addition, we assist our clients in aspects concerning compliance and matters of environmental law.

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