Relex, Your Legal Counsel

Legal counsel is a key element for the positioning and strategic development of enterprises. We have designed and developed a legal assistance service for small and medium sized industries and for all companies that do not have an internal legal department: Relex, deriving from relax and law.

Relex stems from the idea that litigation is an extraordinary event that has an impact, at times even with traumatic repercussions, on ordinary business management.

Relex combines technology with the expertise acquired in over twenty-five years of practice, an ongoing consultancy service able to actively assist enterprises, share information and strategically advise the entrepreneur.

With Relex we support enterprises and aim to build an ongoing relationship with the companies that make use of our multidisciplinary assistance and consultancy services, with the aim of allowing clients to focus on their business objectives.

With Relex we offer our clients immediate answers and the certainty of the legal assistance costs.

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