“A flourishing manufacturing industry is key to fully exploiting the European Union’s potential for growth and sustaining its economic and technological leadership”
European Commission, (2005) 474

The industrial and manufacturing sector comprises numerous areas, each one characterised by specific requirements. For us it is important to understand our clients’ aims and strategic objectives, but also the dynamics of the relevant markets in each stage of the production and distribution chain. Our clients are large industrial groups and SMEs operating in various production areas, from mechanical to chemical, from textile to metallurgy. We are at the side of national manufacturing companies, focusing particularly on those in the north-east of Italy, in both ordinary and extraordinary business requirements, investments operations, the management of personnel and trade union relations, in the management of permits and licences, in corporate compliance, in the protection of intellectual property.

The Internet and electronic commerce are essential tools also for the growth of manufacturing industries. We assist manufacturing companies in the transition to digital, providing specific assistance on matters relating to privacy, data protection, domain names, general terms and conditions of sale and e-commerce.

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