Business Crisis, Insolvency

We offer a personal approach. When a business in crisis contacts our firm we firstly try to comprehend the depth and extent of the crisis to allow us to assess and understand the risks to which it is exposed and enable the client to make informed choices on how to manage the crisis. In fact, well-informed and timely management of the business crisis is the best way of overcoming it or, in any case, of reducing and limiting its risks. Therefore, the firm assists and accompanies the entrepreneur in managing the crisis and in identifying the most suitable tools to deal with it, where possible with the aim of continuing to operate and restoring the business’s viability or, when this is not possible, through the use of liquidation tools provided by the law. We have also gained consolidated experience in litigation that can occur during collective procedures (actions to void, challenges by creditors, procedural breaches brought by bodies in the proceedings, actions for damages). We also assist entrepreneurs who wish to acquire businesses in crisis or their assets and investors who intend to provide new financing to businesses in crisis or invest in companies in crisis.
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