18 February 2021

Founded in 1996, the law firm has grown at the side of Italian and foreign businesses and companies. We have developed in-depth knowledge of the business objectives of our clients and their markets and over time have become their trusted legal consultants. Today we are a law firm that specialises in business legal assistance. We have worked with commitment and dedication, focusing on substance and efficiency. This year has been difficult for all, but we will overcome this challenge too. We will emerge changed and better, and together we will get back to planning the future, investing, buying and selling companies, rethinking our models, negotiating contracts and contract clauses, with the same expertise, commitment and passion as always.

Our twenty-fifth anniversary is an opportunity to thank all our clients and friends in Italy and throughout the world. Not only those who have been with us for the past twenty-five years, but also those who have been with us for just part of this time and those who are no longer with us. Our sincere thanks to all.

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